Angelica Comics

Angelica Comics was formed in July 2020, in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland.

From 2017-2020, I was co-editor and co-publisher, on Mother Udder Comics. But with 2020 all of our worlds changed forever. COVID-19 continues to run amok on this world and claim many thousands of lives. None of us knows what the comic industry (mainstream or independant) will look like in the future.

Because of this, my co-publisher & myself decided to step back from MUC and concentrate on our own personal visions. I didn’t really know how I wanted to go about it, but I’d put a lot of time and work into my next publication, “Acolyte,” from the layout, to writing, inking and lettering it.

Angelica Comics

“The most important qualities you need in comic books? You need to have thick skin! You need to produce, and for most people, you need to keep moving forward. You can’t stagnate or rest on laurels. You got to really keep your eye on the ball.” Jim Valentino (2018).

Momentum. For big publishers, momentum is an ever pressing need. In Indie comics, I think it’s very hard to build momentum and yet harder again to maintain it once you do, simply due to the pace at which we are able to produce new books. Most of us don’t have lots of available cash to pay contributors up front. In spite of this though, I don’t feel I’m ready just yet to stop. I still have stories I want to tell and slowly I’m developing a hefty folder of ideas and stories I keep tinkering with.

I enjoy writing, but as a writer, once a story leaves you, it’s easy to lose connection with it. You are placing your vision into the hands of someone else. I felt disconnected from the process, so I decided to have a stab at doing ‘flats,’ but around the same time, I discovered inking. And I really have come to enjoy it. As well as inking my own story, I’ve been working on commissions for a small well-established American publisher. In time, I’ll probably add a page to this site with my inking portfolio, but the priority now is to get Angelica Comics up and running. I hope to launch the blog page soon, and I’m looking forward to being able to piece together the background for the new “Acolyte” story building up to the release of Issue #1.

In the meantime, thanks for checking out Angelica Comics and please support what we’re doing, by following us on our various social media accounts. Feel free to get in touch.

Angelica Comics

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