Angelica Comics is a new independent Comic Publisher from Northern Ireland with a passion for telling stories that entertain and inspire.

Our first full issue comic “Acolyte” has just been released and is available from the link below!

“Acolyte” continues the story of Sarna, one of the main characters introduced in 3 prelude stories published in the anthology, “Tales from the Udderverse.”

“Acolyte” was already in production when COVID-19 hit, but with so much uncertainty, we decided to wait to see how things changed around COVID restrictions. After a few ‘almosts,’ FINALLY, we heard the great news that public events and in particular comic conventions were going to be back in 2022! So after a few tweaks, we were able to hit the button and send Acolyte off to press!

At LAST, we can share “Acolyte” with you all!

Click on the “BUY HERE” below to pick up a copy now!